Dell Optiplex Warning

In order to reset the PC when it locks up you must have a reset header on your PC motherboard. Dell (and other) computers do not have the reset header so you need to use one of our ATX Reset Adaptors  to add reset capability. The ATX adaptor requires that the PC adhere to industry standard practices for ATX power supplies and motherboards.

We have been alerted by a few customers that newer versions of the Dell Optiplex (for 2011) do not adhere to the standard. They do not use industry standard ATX power connectors. We do have a Reset Adapter for these newer Dell PCs that use a mini-ATX 24 pin connector: ATX Reset Adapter page

If you have not purchased a PC for your application yet you might want to contact Dell to be sure that the model you buy actually adheres to the industry standard. This is not the first time Dell has done this. A few years ago they made a non-standard PC with a nasty surprise for anyone trying to repair their computer with industry standard parts: Dell proprietary (non-standard) ATX design

Another option is to consider a "white box" PC. The quality and reliability of these products has improved greatly over the years. It is possible to get a very high performance system based on motherboards from vendors like Intel and ASUS that will have a reset header. Do a Google search for "white box pc" to find vendors.

There is also the issue of replacement parts for your Dell (or other brand) of PC. This example was posted on message board by a Dell customer:

I am in a bind.. My power supply went on an Optiplex GX260S. For some reason Dell has yet to send out a replacement (it's been 4 days) and This computer is needed during the holiday weekend..

Can I just go buy a standard ATX Power Supply?? I noticed that the Dell Version is missing one wire (white) over a standard power supply...

I would gladly put in a Dell power supply if they could get me one today, but they can't

Last update: June 10/2011