Universal Watchdog Support

Effecive April of 2010, all new software has been released for the PC Watchdog timers1:
  • You can now use the same config program (BPI_WDog_Config) to test all versions of the watchdogs and configure the non-volatile memory options.
  • For users that do not write their own programs to "tickle" the boards, there is a new (BPI_WDog_Tickle) with various options to "tickle" the boards automatically at system startup
  • For users that do write their own programs to "tickle" the boards, there is now a universal DLL along with "C" and VB.net sample code making integration easy.

All the product pages now have links to download the new hardware manuals and Universal DLL manuals.
Users can find the original last release manuals with low-level interface descriptions, along with ZIP images of the last individual distribution CD for each of the boards. Use the Archive_Support  link on the left side of the page.

New Downloads

Distribution CD Image File (ZIP File)
- This link is for the current version of the distribution CD that contains all the manuals, programs, drivers, and the sample software. This includes the sample "C" and VB.net code for those users who wish to write their own aps or want to incorporate watchdog support into their exisiting software.
   Last Update Aug 31/2011 - Reason: DLL updated to 01.32.00  

Universal DLL PDF Programmer's Manual
- This link is for the latest version of the Universal DLL Programmer's Manual which describes all the functions provided in the DLL for users who write their own application programs.

Note 1: Universal support is not provided for the ISA PC Watchdog.